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The 5 Key Strategies You Need To Scale Your Business With Social Media And Increase Your Revenue In 2019
  •   Are you a service-based business owner or in private practice?
  •  Do you have an online leg of your business you'd like to scale up and increase revenue in?
  •  Are you ready to leverage the power of social media to make it all happen?
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Feb 25th- March 1st | Mon-Thurs 8pm EST and Fri 5pm EST
What you'll learn...
  •   5 days of LIVE coaching from Social Selling expert Kelly Roach to formulate a plan you can use to generate quality leads, nurture those leads and close sales.
  •  The tools you need to create an impactful social media strategy for quick, effective lead generation.
  •  An easy, comprehensive launch outline to lay out your launch game plan in order to create sales and increase your revenue in the coming year!
“I closed 53 clients in 10 days using this strategy.”
~ Amber Brueseke
“I tripled my sales.”
~ Deirdre Eberhart
“I’ve made a minimum of $10k per launch using this strategy.”
~ Lindsey Anderson
“$23,000 in 3 days using the launch formula Kelly taught me.”
~ Tanya Conner-Green
Join the Free 5 Day Profit Lab