Stop! Only keep reading if you:
  •  Are 500% OVER IT with coaching 'programs and courses' that don't address your specific needs and make you go it alone
  •  Want to grow your business using STRATEGY, not 1,000 disjointed pieces or hyped-up 'guru tactics' 
  •  Can't take another month of the revenue rollercoaster in your business
If this is you: Your solution has arrived.
Everyone loves to tell an entrepreneur what they "should" do, but TACTICS only get you so far without strategy. That's why we're here.

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur is a 
12 month COMPLETE system for business growth. Let's talk about the phases of the program...
Conquer Your Calendar (and Brain!)
Getting more done in less time - while still working on yourself as the business owner and CEO. You will create more time freedom and income for your pocket, your family goals, and your savings account.
Reversing Years of Stagnation/Plateaus (or just getting it right the first time)
We're talking STRATEGY, not disjointed pieces. This module will help you lay your 7 figure foundation (or optimize your current structure into one!) through the basics of rapid business growth.
Rapid Revenue Growth & Accelerating Your Income
All money, all the time in this module! Pricing, budgeting, attracting better leads, phone call transcripts, sales meeting templates... if you only use one module in this program, use this one.
"Engineering Your Celebrity" (or, online marketing for niche domination)
How to charge higher fees (without getting resistance), attract more leads without chasing them, monetize your social media, move from selling 1:1 to 1:many, and what you can avoid if you're looking to make substantial profit from your marketing.
Become the CEO, not the 'Chief Doing Officer' through your own Dream Team 
Finally stop working IN your business and start working ON your business -- by this module, you'll be more than ready and equipped to start building your dream team, and we've got you covered with the "how" and "what" for doing it.
In addition to the individual modules in the program, you also get...

Weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls & Opportunities for Hot Seats + 1:1 coaching
Value: $4,997
Templates, Checklists, Swipe Files, & Scripts for Every Strategy
Value: $4,997
Your very own Accountability Coach to Keep you on Track, Active, and Seeing Results with the Program
Value: $1,000
Our own Case Studies and Transparent Results of Everything we Teach + How to Utilize it in YOUR Business
Value: $1,000
Access to the "Million Dollar Audio Vault" so you can Plug in and Learn Anytime, Anywhere
Value: $3,000
Private Community of other Entrepreneurs for Support, Answers, and Feedback
Value: $497
Exclusive access to (requested by YOU) guest experts to ask your specific questions on their methods
Value: $2,000
Monthly check-ins for any new training requests from members with quick turnaround (2-3 days)
Value: $1000
Access to my private rolodex of vetted vendors, freelancers, resources, and services that my team and I TRUST
Value: $2000
(Oh... and a note about Accountability in coaching programs):
Our Accountability System is one of the biggest differentiators from other coaching programs out there today. Entrepreneurship is complex, emotional, and comes with big decisions -- and on top of that, you're busy as it is. 

We partner each and every member with an Accountability Coach to connect with 1-2 times per month to hold them accountable, answer their questions, and to provide feedback and support throughout this journey.

Outside of the weekly group coaching calls with Kelly on your strategy, our members tell us that having the opportunity to regularly chat about their goals and their work keeps them plugged in, engaged, and motivated.

Once you join the Unstoppable Entrepreneur, you become part of the family
We want you to succeed and are here to consistently support you!
Want to actually see your membership portal? 
Not to Mention, the Brand New Sections Being Added in 2018:
  •  Using traditional PR for your business
  •  Creating & Monetizing your Online Course
  •  Grow Your Business with Your Own Book
  •  Facebook Advertising A-Z
  •  Office hours with my team members for an "over the shoulder" look at what we're working on
So what's the ROI of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur?
The Investment 
$450/month for 12 months
  •  Access to the Unstoppable Entrepreneur membership portal (250 trainings & mobile friendly!) -- $2,497 value
  •  Weekly Group Coaching Calls (plus opportunities for 1:1 laser sessions and hot seats) -- $4,497 value
  •  Private Facebook forum (where every question is answered by Kelly + team, along with insight from your fellow members) -- $497 value
  •  Your Own Accountability Coach (to keep you on track, focused, and motivated) -- $1,000 value
  •  Audios, Videos, Templates, Swipe Files, and More (how-tos on everything you need) -- $5,497 value
  •  Exclusive Interviews & Webinars with Guest Experts (on topics YOU select) -- $2,000 value
  •  Access to Kelly's Private Rolodex of Business Resources (the tools and services we TRUST) -- $2,000 value
The Return

"We have doubled our sales this year, and are on pace to double again by the end of the year." -- Angela Tran, MedFit Medical Weight Loss (

"I have successfully raised my rates by 20%! I am now focusing solely on the clients who are willing to pay for my expertise and it’s paying off." -- Lindsey Anderson, Web Impakt (

"This year alone we will double our revenue and triple new client growth in my financial services firm" -- Joel Gilhang, Gilhang Financial Group, LLC (

"We were able to quadruple our customer base, grow our team and earn our FREE company paid Lexus." -- Nick & Alissa Gass, Nerium International (
Real Entrepreneurs. Real Results. 
That's It.

"I TRIPLED my sales in my first few months in the Unstoppable Entrepreneur!"
--Deirdre Eberhart, LCSW
Eberhart Therapy

"The Unstoppable Entrepreneur taught me in two months what would have taken me 3 years to learn on my own."
--Katie Sartino,
Once Upon a Dream Performances

"I DOUBLED my business because of the Unstoppable Entrepreneur!"
-- Kim Hughes, 
Kim Hughes & Company Real Estate Strategy Coach

"I made my first $100,000 in the Unstoppable Entrepreneur."
-- Shannon Townsend,
Profitmaker Agriculture

Who is Kelly Roach?
I am a business growth strategist, bestselling author, and podcast host.

I help entrepreneurs around the world to add 6 and 7 figures to their bottom lines. And then to do it again. And again.

I started as a Corporate Executive managing a $30 million portfolio and 17 branches before starting Kelly Roach International on the side, then taking it full time in 2012. 

I've taken my unique experience in building the corporate world to building the entrepreneurial world, uncapping my own income and exceeding my wildest dreams along the way.

I've helped hundreds of entrepreneurs in 7 countries to achieve their biggest goals. I hope I can serve you, too.
Most importantly... I'm a mom and wife. And my family drives every decision I make.

Which means I get it -- you need to skip over the trial and error because it's not just you who is depending on your business.

I started my business to be a role model to my daughter, Madison, and to let my husband pursue his dreams while being able to stay home with our daughter. I started my business to uncap my income so I could build the life we dreamed of. I built my business to make an impact in the people I know and even the people around the world who I don't know.

I'm focused on YOU and your business, and I can help you to create your dream company and life, too.
Have you ever bought a course or program and:
 a) needed to get something else in order to 'fill in the gaps' 
b) found that the "coach" was nowhere to be found or 
c) fell off the wagon because no one was cheering you on or holding you accountable?

Never again.

The Unstoppable Entrepreneur is different. Because your business is complex and deserves the type of attention and strategy that this program delivers.

I am excited to work with you, but even more so... I am excited for YOU to realize your dreams and to accomplish your wildest business goals.

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